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Our Innovation. Your Imagination. Iray+

Lightworks’ expert team designed Iray+ to give you easy access to NVIDIA’s Iray. Building upon the world-leading ray tracing technology we’ve created an accessible high-end solution for all your professional visualisation needs; the flexible component technology in Iray+ can be intelligently adapted to give you access to first-class visualisation wherever and whenever you need it, no matter what your processes or applications.

Our innovative development of Iray+ ensures quick and cost efficient access to physically accurate ray tracing within your applications, and workflows, enabling you to take your products and services to market fast. Our experienced team will ascertain your specific needs and work with you to give your business access to extensive key benefits including:

The power to create photorealistic prototypes and configurations with ease

You can equip your sales team with the best possible visuals using Iray+ and allow your consumers to customise and interact with their designs in the most sophisticated configuration process yet. Using Iray+ in your 3D design process enables you to create perfect visuals with ease; you’ll access physically accurate ray tracing technology that’s presented in an intuitive and flexible interface.

The tools to achieve consistent visualisation across all your 3D applications and processes

Your teams will achieve consistent material representation across the full workflow using Iray+, from design and development through to marketing and point of sale activities; with a large and expanding material library, users have access to an abundance of photorealistic real-world materials at the touch of a button.

The ability to save time and money with optimised applications and workflows

Our team will create the optimum solution for you; with Iray+ we can build complete turn-key applications, enable first-class visualisation within your configuration process, and automate visualisation within your digital design workflow. Optimise your processes with Iray+ to save you valuable time and money.

Talk to us about your visualisation needs; we’ll work together to create the Iray+ solution for you.

Visit our market pages to see how Iray+ can benefit you; enable photorealistic visualisation within your custom configurators, CAD applications or create a complete turn-key solution.

Our Target <strong>Market</strong>

Our Target Market

Our Target <strong>Market</strong>

Whatever market your business is in, Iray+ can be adapted by our experienced team to provide you with physically accurate photorealistic visualisation for your entire product experience. Built upon NVIDIA's world-leading Iray ray tracing technology, and teamed with our extensive knowledge of developing component technology, Iray+ enables you to access high quality visualisation within your workflow or application, no matter what your design demands.

We’ll work with you, tailoring each project to your specific business needs. Whether we’re working alongside your teams designing a complete turn-key solution, developing custom materials, paints and lighting, creating custom configurators or automating your workflow; Iray+ is flexible and powerful, ideal for any application or workflow both on and offline.

Contact us to find out more about Iray+ and how we can work with you to build your bespoke Iray+ solution.

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