Building the Future of Interactive Photorealism with Synchro PRO

Building the Future of Interactive Photorealism with Synchro PRO Main Image
Posted on 22/03/2017

This year we’ve successfully integrated NVIDIA’s photorealistic renderer, Iray, into Synchro’s 4D BIM/VDC software. The Iray functionality features complex lighting simulation and exchangeable, physically-based materials, which aid the creation of high-quality visuals and animations locally or in the cloud.

At Lightworks, we cover all areas of 3D visualisation. By providing customised projects and image creation services for businesses looking for advanced rendering solutions, immersive visual experiences, physically-based materials and photorealism; we bring brands and products to life.

In 2016, we joined forces with Synchro Software Ltd. specialising in the development of a virtual design and construction (VDC) software platform. With a bold mission to provide a scheduling and project management platform that enables teams to deliver all projects on schedule and to budget regardless of complexity, Synchro enables professionals, academic institutions and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consultancies in more than 65 countries to plan, validate, optimise and track projects in a highly accurate visual environment.

Featuring integrated scheduling and real-time visualisation to plan and manage resources in both space and time, Synchro’s 4D Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform is fundamentally changing how construction projects are delivered; leading to improved quality, safety, productivity and efficiency in all categories of construction projects. This value proposition has led Synchro’s growth and expansion from its UK headquarters to Boston, Massachusetts and Berkeley, California.


iray with UI2


With a strong vision to provide professionals with the right tools to make remarkable things happen, Synchro has long demonstrated an unwavering commitment to evolve their software by focusing on their clients’ needs. In addition, Synchro prides itself on developing a unique industry approach by synchronising 3D design, scheduling as well as project and risk management; in order to establish information transparency and cooperation throughout the entire project lifecycle. Today, Synchro’s list of customers includes general contractors, owners, subcontractors and well-known companies engaged in engineering, manufacturing and even architecture.



Originally, Synchro set out to fuse lean manufacturing techniques with digital planning and production methods by merging well-established protocols with highly detailed visual capabilities to bring innovation and maximum efficiency to the construction industry.

Developed with an interoperable CAD functionality; enabling 3D models and schedule integration as well as real-time planning and project optimisation, Synchro helps to eliminate the barriers between planners and construction teams, allowing users to resolve conflicts resiliently while minimising risk and streamlining the overall workflow.

In order to bring Synchro PRO’s powerful graphic simulation capabilities to the next level and guarantee users a smoother and more efficient workflow in the software, it was critical to discover state-of-the-art technological options that would enable professionals to generate physically-accurate and scalable results in a cost-efficient and timely manner.



At Lightworks, we merge creativity with our technical know-how to adapt our world-leading technology, applications, product configurators and creative services to highly specific needs. Our expertise and strategic partnership allowed for the successful integration of NVIDIA’s Iray into a range of 3D design and visualisation applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max or Siemens NX; used by millions worldwide across sectors as varied architecture, engineering or automotive.

The integration of Iray into Synchro PRO gives users access to high quality photorealistic, physically-based materials and environments – using local or remote networked machines – reducing the need for third-party renders or animations. As opposed to traditional rendering technologies, Iray allows professionals to use both interactive editing and final-frame rendering when creating 3D visuals; simulating the complex behaviour of light and materials that represent unparalleled fidelity.

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