Speed and Precision: Developing Strikingly Photorealistic 3D Automotive Materials with Iray®+

Posted on 26/03/2017


Immersive 3D visualisation technologies are rapidly gaining traction across all design-driven fields globally. The automotive industry being no exception, designers, retailers and consumers all recognise the need for stunning customisable materials; enabling better creation, manufacturing and marketing as well as enhancing buying decisions.

The car industry seems to be in a constant motion. Whether it’s autonomous race cars, the widespread of augmented reality in the market or high-end point-of-sale product configuration for the sake of better consumer engagement and industry ranking, there’s just no sign that the vehicle industry intends to ‘pull the break’ in terms of innovation.

Generally speaking, technology bonds well with this sector. Today’s constant stream of animated and interactive product turntables, digital automotive visuals and the increasing adoption of CGI visualisation solutions are equally exciting. Not only are they considerable options for all tiers of manufacturers and suppliers but they can be fuel for customers, who are susceptible to advancements when purchasing a new automotive product.

In a fast-paced environment, which the automotive sector is, the significance of high-quality, immersive 3D imagery and reliable GPU rendering technology throughout all stage of the design workflow cannot be overlooked. In the long run, your company will benefit from an engaging online presence, flexible retailing capabilities and stunning sales animations

Iray+Interior03Image courtesy by Jeff Patton

Jeff Patton is a CG artist with 14 years of experience in 3D visualisations. Having created illustrations for Johnson Controls and Trane and automotive renders for Mercedes-Benz USA, Torque Creative or Merkley+Partners as part of diverse advertising projects; he’s adept in the creation and use of photorealistic automotive materials.

Although, for most of his projects Jeff uses CPU renderers, he follows the progress of GPU rendering within 3ds Max; "its exceptional speed, ease of use and unique capabilities – in product configuration, setting up scenes and leveraging the power of multiple graphic units – make Iray a worthy competitor of similar renderers and a successor of 2D still images".

All things considered, designing and applying new shades of paint, highly customisable finishes or decals and tint on the exterior of a digital car model – as well as making a careful selection of the interior elements and the fabric of the seats – have never been easier. Whether you wish to promote a new set of carbon rims for a particular make online with sales animations or take dealership visitors for a virtual test drive on the Swiss Alps’ curly roads; we’ll expand your customer experience.

Iray+ brings automotive customers and clients one step closer to visual perfection by simulating the physical behaviour of lights, environmental reflections and materials with no compromises in quality, even providing immediate visual feedback and interactive rendering.

Shift up a gear and get rid of costly photoshoots and prototypes today! We integrate cutting-edge 3D rendering technology into third party applications worldwide. Every custom application we build and every creative project we undertake is exclusively supported by NVIDIA's world-leading tech, Iray. We’re fully equipped to introduce CGI and leading-edge rendering solutions to your CAD operations or help you streamline your creative workflow; by tweaking our technology to serve your in-house design review process.

By making revolutionary GPU processing capabilities accessible for industries as varied as architecture or jewellery we allow artists, designer and manufacturers of all kind to create interactive virtual worlds with unparalleled fidelity on local or remote networked machines.

The Iray+ SDK, or software development kit, gives automotive designers and manufacturers the ability to create bespoke applications to suit their workflow, boasting a unique technology that allows users to develop their own physically accurate materials and test new ideas and design features rapidly and easily – from concept through to the point-of-sale.

Get comfortable and imagine being able to examine and compare any combination of options for a car interior in photorealistic detail and all possible angles. Picture yourself being able to experience a comprehensive driving experience, hear the engine roar, while sitting in your dream car and watching the sunlight sparkle on a dashboard of your taste and design.

Iray+Interior02Image courtesy by Jeff Patton

As standard, Iray®+ enables those working within the automotive industry to build their own physically-based materials, either from Iray+’s comprehensive 3D texture library or from scratch, using a wide range of base material layers, colours, textures and  eye-catching finishes. 

With the help of the renderer’s MDL feature and seamless material exchange – a highly required feature throughout the design workflow that allows users to easily export real-world materials and move them around to other supporting CAD applications within a few clicks without any loss – Iray truly delivers a uniform user experience. Moreover, interactive editing and final-frame, photorealistic rendering are also key to produce simulations of complete reliability and accuracy, providing a sense of visual excellence.

On demand, a new paint colour can be developed to create a true match with the existing range of fabric and palette without the need for expensive third party outsourcing; helping to engage new clients through enhanced product configuration. Iray+ will intuitively combine the physically-based properties of each material layer; from the bodywork to the finish; creating a nuanced 3D visualisation of the vehicle that acts and appears as it would in the real world.

Likewise, both man-made and naturally occurring materials – from decals such as stickers and logos, to dust, dirt and snow - can be added to the model, using the same properties they have in real life to interact with the vehicle truthfully, helping to add yet another layer of photorealism to your marketing imagery and design visualisations.

As a result, with its photorealistic lighting capabilities and physically-based materials, Iray+ allows users to create incredibly immersive and realistic experiences - bringing 3D automotive designs to life like never before

To find out more about the Iray+ SDK, visit www.lightworks-iray.com, to read more about the products and services offered by Lightworks visit www.lightworkdesign.com. To buy Iray for 3ds Max, visit www.nvidia.com/object/iray-for-3ds-max.html

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