Why the Uptake in Interactive 3D Content Make the Protection of Your Intellectual Property a Necessity

Posted on 28/03/2017

Since the rise and widespread use of corporate outsourcing, industry-wide cloud computing and immersive visualisation technologies, the protection of one’s intellectual property seems to be surrounded by a decent amount of uncertainty.

For businesses, studios and agencies around the world – and for users of 3D rendering services in particular – the development and promotion of a new product or service; whether it’s architectural visuals, apparel and jewellery designs or high-end automotive renders, can face significant challenges.


Learn more about Architectural Rendering and Iray+                                             Image courtesy: Rüdiger Raab

Although reviews and research play a major role in customers’ decision to buy products, realistic 3D renders and configurable product turntables provide an unparalleled experience to view, share and ‘play with’ any offering in the online marketplace or at the point-of-sale.

The more unique your product is, the deeper this emotional attachment becomes with your audience. Therefore, your company might eventually find itself being fully immersed in the development of CGI visualisations; entailing the protection of such data from fierce competition and online fraudulence.

In the long run, companies rely on close collaboration with other organisations – and often subcontractors on a remote basis – to outsource knowledge-intensive business elements. They do this to bring in additional creative firepower, boost the delivery of larger projects, meet deadlines efficiently, while helping to streamline the internal workflow.

On the other hand, working with external designers, developers and other stakeholders means a heavy dependence on the trust invested and could impose a great legal burden on the companies in question; when it comes to non-disclosure agreements, sharing know-how, patents or exposing invaluable manufacturing and design visualisation technologies.

In addition, companies that heavily rely on production and are up against strong industrial competition should ensure and maintain the security of their human resources and intellectual capital to evade product piracy, counterfeiting and the loss of profits, clients and market position as a long-term result.

In a similar manner, technological limitations – or the lack of your CAD data due to overcautiousness – could lead to an incompatibility between the software each party uses; leading to inconsistency in the way a 3D rendered material appears; either for the engineers working on your final product or your clients using an interactive sales configurator.

Needless to say, by taking your files offline or providing a stripped-down version of your design sketches or 3D visuals – for the sake of data protection – can easily call forth an ineffective cooperation with your component manufacturers and your future business prospects.

Given these points, how to guarantee that your company’s intellectual property stays protected in today’s world of constant data sharing and remote division of labour?

All companies are aware that there should be no compromise when it comes to online data security but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to take all your operations and your entire visualisation workflow in-house, or stop recruiting cost-efficient external workforce.

In fact, open cloud-based solutions and the ability to hire the most competent design teams are inevitable in today’s turbulent economic setting. Consequently, your workflow and design process will benefit from fresh creative ideas and rapid project deliveries; however, with the risks that come with sharing your ideas and product designs externally.

At Lightworks, we understand and address these issues by developing bespoke design application solutions for you. Our unique, photorealistic rendering technology, Iray®+ will enhance and secure your design workflow and deliver a uniform experience to all your stakeholders.

Nippon Design2Learn more about Product Design and Iray+                                                        Image courtesy: Nippon Design

By allowing a seamless transition between all stages of your product design workflow, and removing disruptions caused by outsourcing or switching between applications, we’ll streamline your design process; eliminate risks of intellectual data theft and help you reach your full sales potential.

The Iray+ SDK (software development kit) can be integrated into any design process through the development of bespoke design applications and configurators, or integrated into existing CAD applications, producing high-quality 3D renders and engaging user experiences.

Iray+’s photorealistic and physically-based image capabilities enable designers – external or internal– to create accurate visualisations of potential products; while the functionality, reliability, quality and aesthetics of the design can be assessed and easily adapted as necessary – locally or in the cloud – without leaving or compromising the overall workflow.

For more information about our physically-based renderer, Iray+ and the SDK visit www.lightworks-iray.com

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