Why Reinventing Your Product Mix with Iray®+ Leads to Success

Posted on 26/03/2017

Physically-based materials, GPU Rendering and a Cloud Workflow for better Products

If it wasn’t for their unique design, today’s products would be a lot less exciting. Be that as it may, design differentiation isn't everything; new product variants and complementary items should reach markets – and tech-savvy customers – quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Iray+’s and the fashion industry                                                    Image courtesy: Lee Henshal


Customise Your Workflow

In the age of additive manufacturing, mass personalisation and promising, new production technologies, such as 3D printing – we are bound to change how we create, assemble and design our everyday objects and how we use them afterwards – competitors in product design and manufacturing simply cannot neglect innovation.

Not only are these emerging fields clear proof that customers increasingly wish to become designers and trend-setters themselves, but they are fresh inspiration for productive companies across industrial design who provide them with the tools they need.


Design Your Success Path

Being predictive is key in this industry. Customers insist on having their items – designed, manufactured and shipped – even faster than before. Therefore, being proactive and resilient in your supply chain and logistics can be a great advantage; leading to better decisions making, sustainable development costs and faster time-to-market.

For the most part, modern manufacturing technologies go hand in hand with 3D rendering. So does engineering; where simulations and prototyping are key in assuring the reliability and perceived quality of the final product. In other words, your company will eventually need to get engaged in the creation of 3D visuals to stay ahead of the curve.

Imagine having your entire product line and all its unique features realistically digitalised. Your stakeholders and clients cannot wish for a better representation of your brand; as they now have the ability to virtually explore your offerings, compare and share them across their favourite platforms and return for more when you roll out a new update or product.


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Iray+ and the fashion industry                                                      Image courtesy: Lee Henshall


Streamline Your Product Pipeline

Likewise, by adopting 3D modelling tools and a flexible cloud-based workflow your company will reduce the risk of design flaws, establish better material planning processes and will be able to speed up the creation of sketches, prototypes and promotional materials from months to hours.

3D product design – whether in the form of interactive turntables, sales configurators or animated 3D content – allows for the internal and external visualisation of a product long before manufacturing.

Notably, real-time, photorealistic renderers, such as Lightworks’ Iray+, lend themselves well to quick product iteration as well as customisation; through the realistic simulation of light and refractions, interactive design reviews and physically-based materials, which guarantee a genuine ‘touch and feel’ and experience of how the final product will work and look like.

The ability to reiterate designs on-the-go at the stage of product design, industrial collaboration or at the point-of-sale, using interactive product configurators, will give you a strong edge over your competition and the desired position in your consumers’ eyes.

Materialising your Brand

Using Material Definition Language (MDL) – which allows for an optimised representation of real life fabric and a uniform experience across the entire design workflow – Iray+ boast a comprehensive texture library that helps to increase the digital brand experience and brand loyalty with your target audience throughout your online retailing or in your physical store.

Is your product characterised by a set of complex paint and textures such as glass, wood or plastics? No matter whether it’s industrial design, an online product builder or your promotional activities – thanks to physically-based materials, shading and lighting – your designs will maintain their stunning look on all platforms and for all your stakeholders.


Iray+ and Product Design

As opposed to CPU rendering, with Iray – and it’s straightforward interface – you can leverage the parallel horsepower of more and more affordable high-end graphics processing units (GPU), the combined rendering speed of networked machines through the Iray Server or even cloud-based render nodes that majorly speed up the development of new 3D designs. Your designers will be able to stay in their flow while they make changes.

Rendering in the cloud means more than just a rapid, comfortable environment. With GPU Cloud rendering technology in your CAD workflow you'll achieve better collaboration, simultaneous hardware-accelerated visual feedback and an unparalleled visual experience. 

SDK integration is one of our key points of expertise; ensuring the protection of your intellectual property. You’ll be able to drive up your revenue by cutting down on prototyping, promotional photography and further technical expenses!

Moreover, Iray allows designers – whether it’s your in-house team, clients or your customer at home – to visualise and reiterate your design decisions at any given point in real-time with unparalleled visual fidelity; helping your customers explore hidden details of your merchandise and make small adjustments to the colour, finish or geometry.


Design Your Next Product with Iray+

All things considered, 3D rendering services will grant you faster client and stakeholder approvals, boost your online retailing, social traffic and improve your logistics - through predictable costs and product releases – in a time efficient and collaborative manner. In a similar way, cloud computing can enhance your in-house efficiency and corporate partnerships. We’ll streamline your technology to achieve all these. 

Creating products is more interactive, flexible and accurate than ever before due to the unique features of Iray+. Using photorealistic imagery, lifelike 3D materials and lighting to represent accurate simulations during product development enable designers to see functionality, reliability and aesthetics in a highly intuitive way.

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Iray+ and engineering visualisation                                          Image courtesy: Lee Henshall


Iray+ and our creative expertise will allow you to distinguish and sell your designs with digitally customisable variations; driven by physically-based rendering and outstanding virtual materials. With four render modes; three interactive and one photoreal, Iray+ is designed to perform in any scenario; whether it's pre-rendered scenes, 2D renders or interactive content and rendering solutions.

Iray+ enhances the productivity of any design pipeline; with each render mode giving interactivity from concept to final design. See all features, behaviours and iterations of your product with a true representation of fabric, geometry and components and calculate how each of these affects cost to manufacture, profit, ease of production and much more.

The Iray plugin is available for CAD applications such as Autodesk’s 3Ds Max, McNeel Rhino and numerous others. Boasting a 90-day free trial plugin, Iray is an innovative tool for product designers and companies engaged in retail, manufacturing or engineering. Select from a plethora of custom, physically-based Iray+ materials and add lifelike lighting behaviours and visual excellence to your designs today!

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