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Cadalog Inc. launch ProWalker GPU with Iray+ integration

Posted on 10/05/2017

Lightworks in partnership with their customer Cadalog Inc. are pleased to announce the release of ProWalker GPU (Powered by NVIDIA’s Iray®); one of the first plugin to bring the power of NVIDIA’s Iray to the SketchUp community.

This easy-to-use rendering plugin provides SketchUp users with photorealistic, interactive rendering for all their visualisation, animation and still image rendering needs. Bringing physically based materials, lighting and environments to the world’s largest design platform.

ProWalker GPU can be used as a standalone plugin or as a powerful companion tool for Cadalog’s existing SketchUp plugins - SU Podium and Podium Browser - as it supports all of SU Podium’s lights and material properties.  ProWalker GPU brings the benefits of accelerated GPU rendering to those who have a GPU enabled workflow; expanding the reach of their product range beyond CPU based rendering.

As one of the first SketchUp plugin to use Iray technology, ProWalker GPU, brings high quality visualisation to a diverse user base; changing the perceptions and parameters of SketchUp rendering. This plugin combines the interactivity of the original Podium Walker with the final image creation ability found in SU Podium, allowing users to quickly and easily change components in their design before rendering the final image.

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