Streamline Your Engineering and Manufacturing Workflow with Custom-Built 3D Rendering Precision

Posted on 03/06/2017

Visualisation isn’t just for marketing. Affordable 3D rendering technology and photorealism can be used for a range of organisational tasks; from engaging stakeholders at an early stage through creating design sustainability to fostering collaborations.


Revolutionise the Way You Think

Not so long ago, manufacturers and engineers had to deal with complicated physical drafts, costly prototypes and a variety of hidden costs when taking on a brave new project.

Today, we’re experiencing a new kind of industrial revolution; as stunning 3D visualisation tools, rapid cloud rendering services and additive manufacturing technologies, such as robotics, help us rediscover ways of design, production and manufacturing efficiency.



Technology is key in today’s design world. Economical manufacturing technologies, physically-based 3D rendering technologies and new immersive mediums, such as virtual reality – let alone artificial intelligence – began to introduce a great deal of flexibility, comfort and efficiency into our everyday lives and professional activities.

Technologies such as 3D printing, photorealistic 3D scanning and numerous others emerging day-by-day thanks to cutting-edge hardware enhancements keep contributing to the progression of industries as varied as construction and architecture, building information modelling (BIM) and engineering; reducing costs and risks, boosting profitability and reimagining the way we think about our intellectual property.


Enhance Your Creative Processes

Ray-tracing rendering technologies have taken a giant leap in recent years when it comes to speed, precision and aesthetics. In fact, our devices will soon be able to leverage artificial intelligence to even more accurately predict the appearance of real-life materials and final rendering visuals – whether they are promotional product turntables, sales animations or interactive rendering solutions – making them ever more appealing for companies and their customers with an interest in technology.

At Lightworks, we bring creative solutions to multiple industries, by covering all areas of visualisation; including bespoke configurators builds, application development and SDK integration as well as creative services and VR. Our custom-built applications will guarantee that you’ll always have an outstanding visual representation of your brand, products and internal processes.

Our unique GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) rendering engine, Iray®+ is a worthy competitor of costly CPU renderers and offers rapid real-time and interactive rendering features through a uniform and highly innovative user experience; allowing artists to focus on creating scenes with the level of detail they want.

Customising complex light scenarios, challenging environments or intricate materials and their behaviours, which need to look and work like their physical equivalents, is an easy task with Iray+. Moreover, if your company is looking for future-proof visual solutions; such as making VR a part of your internal workflow, we’ll be there to help you.


Minimise Costs and Manage Risks

No matter whether you’re engaged in product design, BIM or the fabrication of auxiliary items, our physically-based rendering solutions and light simulation tools will allow you to efficiently check your 3D designs against your internal manufacturing cost and budget targets.

Immersive design reviews will help you better track and optimise resource and material planning processes, waste management and distribution leading to better prototyping and design decisions, energy and eco-analysis as well as logistics and cooperation with your subcontractors, distributors and retailers.

Iray+ boasts an infinite number of viewing angles in any preferred virtual environment and lighting scenario so that your product can be crafted to perfection – and promoted online via stunning 3D imagery – before reaching the stage of fabrication or your end customers. You’ll be able to boost your potential to realise higher profits and reduce the risks of design flaws while gaining market visibility long before manufacturing. 


Achieve a Shorter Time-to-Market

Every brand’s ability to reach prospective customers and markets faster than its competitors rely on the success of a long-term strategy; a sustainable way to stay ahead of the curve.

The ability to quickly and interactivity make and alter design decisions before final production allows for more accurate 3D simulations; which majorly facilitate decision-making and will speed up stakeholder approvals as well as your product’s ability to reach your target audience in the least time possible.

Moreover, Iray+’s scalability across multiple GPUs and our renderer’s seamless material exchange capabilities mean fewer test renders and less time to achieve the same visual outcome; enabling designs to be explored, tweaked and confirmed in real time. Not only will you be able to cut down on hardware costs but you’ll be able to proactively generate immersive experiences of your designs with outstanding accuracy.


Visuals Engineered to Your Needs

Think of using Iray+ as a virtual camera and taking a snapshot of the digital world. Should you require a comprehensive visualisation of the effect of a geometry, light or shader variation; Iray+ interactive rendering provides constant visual feedback and rapid results so that your images, simulations and materials used truly represent your designs, products and their real world properties.


Combined Top View

Iray+ is not only making way for more accurate measurements and an unparalleled visual experience in the pre-fabrication stage but also provides a uniquely personal feel and a means of elevating the user and consumer experience. Our technology will guarantee the option to adopt new technologies, such as virtual reality; opening up new dimensions in stakeholder engagement, client retention and profit maximisation.


Streamline Your Operations

Being quick and accurate is not everything. To stay successful, construction and engineering firms need to have a thorough understanding of the complexities of their markets; as well as the expectations of their partners, subcontractors and teams involved in various projects.

Iray+’s 3D rendering solutions provide a flexible and progressive platform for sharing and editing CAD data predictively. Whether you’re dealing with complicated production-level drawings, complex component assemblies or intricate surfaces and patterns; we’ll enhance your teamwork and workflow.

You’ll be able to outsource rendering tasks to high-performing external graphic equipment or render your visuals in the cloud in a fraction of the time you’re currently used to. You’ll be able to bridge the geographical separation of design and manufacturing units; fostering collaborations and the efficiency of your teamwork, without compromising the quality and amount of detail in each visual.


Customise Your Visualisation Technology

Our creativity is supported by our technical know-how, so, no matter what industry you work in, or what product you design or manufacture, we'll work with you to adapt our technology, applications and services to meet your needs. We’ll help you create consistent, striking images from product development to sales, marketing and POS.

We specialise in integrating Nvidia’s cutting-edge rendering technology, Iray, into CAD systems all around the world. Don't worry if you haven’t got the resources or CAD data to use our applications, as we can enhance your existing technology, resonate with your unique brand and industry or take projects in-house and provide you with the finished article.

The Iray rendering plugin is tightly integrated into 80 software applications – with nearly 3 million users worldwide – such as Cinema 4D, Autodesk: Maya, Revit, 3ds Max,  Rhino, Substance Designer, Sketchup and many more. Get the 90-day free trial today and start creating animated and interactive content for your products today!



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