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Glancing into the Future of Immersion: Bright New Achievements in Display Technologies

Posted on 28/08/2017

From the days of hellish hertz rates through innovative flat panel monitors to promising new holographic technologies, display manufacturers have come a long way in crafting immersive ‘windows’ into our virtual worlds; opening up new horizons in the world of 3D.


As inseparable as photorealism has become from 3D visualization, so too does our need for immersion rise when it comes to display technologies. Expectations towards new solutions are higher than ever and don’t seem to tone down, especially considering the widespread use of high-end motion-captured virtual textures, interactive sales solutions and hardware enhancements that facilitate the creation and review of 3D content.

By now, most of us have become somewhat addicted to a multitude of screens. Whether it’s our television, tablet, gaming console or smartwatch; there seems to be an ever-growing overlap between virtual interfaces and our daily lives. Due to this inevitable fusion between the experience economy and new immersive visual technologies; marketers also seek out new ways to engage with consumers online and at the point of sale.

In the same way, up-and-coming hardware and software technologies become intertwined; opening up new horizons for content developers and becoming essential tools in the hands of professionals dealing with complex light and environmental simulations, and enthusiasts who are on the lookout for sharper visual solutions for their living rooms.

With so many technologies emerging – and old platforms redefining themselves – it’s difficult to see what platform or devices really have the potential to become popular amongst everyday users. Whether it’s touch-sensitive displays, 4K screens with VR capabilities, curved and bendable screens, augmented reality contact lenses or monitors that get so wide that they might surround us one day, these technologies can help us explore a new world of immersion and redefine our sense of spatial interaction in the virtual space.


Here’s our collection of exciting new solutions that are capable of reshaping display technologies; providing awe-inspiring experiences in the near future.


You’ve probably heard of displays getting thinner and more flexible, but there’s another quality to screens where they’ve shown considerable development in recent years and it’s their transparency; leaving us with new ideas for interior design, POS displays and many other fields.

In the same manner, holographic experiences, light projections and 3D mapping solutions are becoming more and more of a reality when it comes to our living roomssmart phonesworkstations and consequently helping emerging fields such as product configuration and augmented reality, while bringing complex light visualisation to life.

Imagine having a smart mirror in your living room or an entire wall covered by a huge customisable display with the information of your choice on-screen. With GPUs supporting higher and higher resolutions and providing better performance, it’s simply a matter of time until we see life-size personalised commercials from advertisers or living rooms converted into immersive working spaces or hubs of entertainment.

The future innovation around screen technologies doesn’t necessarily has to be digital. Kinetic, parametric and new mechanical designs are taking the world of architecture, engineering and visualisation technologies by storm with supporting technologies such as 3D printing and additive manufacturing; helping us become less ‘glued to our screens’.

On the other hand, our virtual experiences are getting even more complex and digitalised with the arrival of standalone and 8K resolution virtual reality headsets and auxiliary tools. Enthusiasts can already enjoy cinematic experiences inside customised virtual spaces with help of new hardware solutions; eliminating the need to use multiple screens and bridging geographical boundaries.

In the grand cavalcade of the world of visualisation technologies and on the path towards full immersion it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for novelties in order to find out what lies in store for the future of display technologies and to understand what sort of ‘screen’ we will be staring at in 10 or 20 years’ time. Stay updated with Lightworks features to learn more about up-and-coming hardware and software solutions in the 3D visualisation market.

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