Promote And Sell Your Real Estate Designs With 3D Visualisation and Virtual Reality

Posted on 20/07/2017


There’s no place like home. Or is there? In either case, designing and building a prime piece of property means that you are investing in your future and comfort. Discover how Iray+ and our design expertise can enhance the promotion and sales of real estate


Eventually, there comes a point in everyone’s life when we need to change locations. Whether it’s a family house, a new office building, a more luxurious environment or a cottage away from the noise of urban areas; we need to make a thorough decision about moving on.

The housing market can be a ruthless and chaotic place for many, especially when trying to make a reasonable investment. Ideally, your future abode is not only perfectly-priced but also aesthetically pleasing while structurally sound at the same time. This can leave you rushing in the midst of your everyday activities and you’ll end up desperately trying to schedule viewings to nail down the most desirable purchase agreement.

On the other hand, the way prospective homeowners and businesses are shopping for flats and new apartments seems to be subject to constant change. Visualisation and 3D rendering technology have taken a central position in the decision-making process as well as in the creative toolkits of agencies engaged in architectural design, construction and landscaping.


The combination of interactive rendering technologies, their photorealistic architectural design capabilities and the hardware solutions that facilitate their creation enable buyers to visualise their future properties, décor elements as well as themselves in these environments


But what is it about 3D visualisation that makes it so appealing for the real estate sector?

There’s much more to 3D renders than meets the eye. In essence, 3D architectural design imagery and animated content are used to digitally stage and conceptualise interior and exterior spaces and environments before they are built, decorated and finished.

This is especially the case with increasingly integrated computing platforms such as augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), which not only boasts unparalleled 360-degree immersion – and a never-before-seen medium where you can personalise products and services in 3D – but is expected to bridge the gap between multiple industries and streamline countless organisational factors such as costs, creativity and profitability.

In the same way, VR and AR are becoming an attractive tool for agencies and developers as well as realtors and marketers in the process of ‘pre-construction marketing’ and exploring future sales opportunities as they provide remarkable proactivity across a wide variety of surfaces. From desktop through mobile to the point-of-sale – to help consumers explore, alter and interact with custom-built – or even yet-to-be-furnished living spaces – on the go.

Why choose Lightworks’ Iray+ photorealistic rendering engine and design expertise?

Combining striking 3D imagery and VR experiences with workflow visualisation – and bespoke CAD integrations to streamline your architectural toolkit and enhance your software’s design capabilities – we adapt our world-leading rendering technology, customisable product configurators and creative image creation services to your exact needs.


Iray+ is a physically-based renderer providing a uniform experience, interactive visual feedback and unrestricted hardware scalability. As a result, professionals and consumers can explore and interact with lifelike textures, rapid results and cutting-edge 3D architectural experiences from the early stages of design to construction


By leveraging the unparalleled power of high-end GPUs, a well-trending computing technology behind the development of deep learning and artificial intelligence, Iray+ is capable of delivering a faster rendering performance and many visualisation scenarios; with much-needed final-frame production rendering and the ability to review design iterations in real-time; which eliminates the need for prototypes and test renders and makes VR experiences even more exciting.

If you’re an architectural agency this means being able to get immediate feedback on changes made to geometry, materials and lighting; allowing you to make quicker decisions in analysis and architectural design, speed up your creative process, save time on planning and reach out to your potential – or respond to your existing – clients more flexibly.

Iray+’s complex lighting simulations, physically-based digital environments and MDL materials – including contextual material editing in 3Ds Max – and their full animation support are guaranteed to accurately predict the visual appearance and performance of your architectural designs from all angles at various times of the day, under different light conditions.

When visualising a bathroom or a living room project that needs to be populated with customisable furniture and design elements – requiring complex surfaces and finishes such as glass, wood, carpets, stone, wool or cotton - we'll make your architectural visuals truly stand out down to the smallest details. You’ll be able to quickly exchange, customise and extend these components or share them with your customers.


Iray+ can provide you with many ready-to-use virtual materials by accessing our photorealistic texture library or you can combine custom materials and achieve the perfect look for your designs that you can later apply to any modelled item in your architectural asset collection


In like manner, as a business engaged in the promotion and trade of real estate, Iray+’s photorealistic imagery and countless other invaluable rendering features– such as the plugin’s cloud and server solutions – will help you create the highest quality 3D visuals on the market, become and stay proactive throughout your marketing and sales leading to an increase in your brand visibility and your profits.

Our 3D expertise will bring your design concepts to life and your yet-to-be-built properties to your clients while helping real estate agencies increase responsiveness in phases of design and marketing. Ultimately, you'll build more attractive portfolios to better engage future customers.

Start creating stunning 3D and panoramic scenes, VR experiences and many more using this powerful SKD rendering platform and explore what sort of creative services we can offer regarding architectural design. For more information about Lightworks or how Iray+ can be used for architectural projects contact our team members at

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