The Advantages of Visualising Products and Components with Lightworks Iray+

Posted on 17/11/2017


It's no secret that 3D rendering has become a popular tool in the hands of designers, marketers and their end-customers. But is there more to it than that? We  explore how photorealistic design iterations and immersive user experiences can enable mass personalisation and enhance the sales and configuration of new products


Designing and manufacturing products require a host of stages and procedures; including cooperation, accuracy, decision making and a host of other activities. Though every manufacturer, agency or designer will have subtle differences in how they carry out a design assessment, the most basic elements will be similar to each other in various environments.

Still, design and manufacturing technologies are changing exceptionally quickly nowadays, therefore, it has become a norm for customers to design and alter their products online or at the point of sale long before even considering making a purchase.

Consequently, designers need to gear up their proactivity at the very beginning of conceptualising a product they would like to sell. Whether it’s FMCG or consumables, clothing or expensive commodities, buyers will value having their customised goods – and their auxiliary components – interactively visualised and delivered in the least time possible.



Become More Intuitive in Decision-Making

Augmented technologies and 3D printing are also impacting diverse industries in the way that physically visiting stores will eventually become obsolete due to shoppers being able to intuitively ‘see, feel and try-out’ the digital equivalent of new products. Such solutions can easily branch out into e-commerce and mobile platforms; enabling marketers to better position their merchandise and collect invaluable metrics on the purchases made.


Inevitably, the consumer journey becomes digitally trackable from start to finish, due to 3D visualisation and its use across multiple platforms, leading to better collaboration, decision making, retailing and improved brand visibility


With the growing need for production and retailing flexibility; ranging from initial concept and sketching, pre-fabrication and prototyping through to manufacturing, our unique, photorealistic renderer, Iray®+ has an array of progressive features that can be used to streamline product development and facilitate product configuration at all of these levels.


Interact with Concept Design Ideas

In the product design phase, interaction with a product at each and every stage is fundamental. The ability to visually plan the materials and geometry to be used as well as altering lighting conditions and overall aesthetics enable designers and future customers to assess all facets of their designs in a cost and time efficient as well as collaborative manner.

By using photorealistic and physically-based digital images to represent accurate simulations of potential products, Iray+ delivers interactive, real-time and final-frame visualisation; so that conceptualised products can be realistically rendered and showcased through stunning 3D imagery, interactive turntables, sales animations, VR and more.



As a consequence, convenience dictates that the online and point-of-sale configuration of products becomes even more convenient and widespread thanks to cutting-edge rendering capabilities; enabling customers and your target audience a range of exciting visualisation scenarios and possibilities.

Product configuration is an intuitive and preliminary way of item personalisation; enabling deeper immersion through online and virtual experiences such interactive product assembly or assessing aesthetics and quality at an early stage


By allowing highly accurate item simulations and seamless user-side design modifications, Iray+ can truly represent and showcase design ideas of all complexity, making them hard to differentiate from photographs of the final fabricated product. 


Reach Your Creative Potential

The consumer decision-making process has never been more momentous. Presenting design ideas and materials to stakeholders and getting the necessary client approvals before manufacturing are just a few criteria that you have to keep in mind today. Multi-site collaboration is also a key element of creating successful and globally appealing products that achieve a better time-to-market.

Iray+ is built on the scalable and ever-increasing performance of GPUs to let designers and end-users quickly generate immersive 3D experiences of their product ideas with amazing accuracy at any point; helping to bridge geographical separation, thus leading to better collaboration and distribution through the entire workflow

Quicker rendering also means lower hardware and manufacturing costs and manufacturing risks; stemming from material planning, waste management and additional component development. With Iray+’s highly scalable 3D rendering and cloud capabilities on board, designers and marketers can not only facilitate the creative process within their teams – or even outsourcing resource-intensive rendering tasks – but they can effectively realise higher revenues by gearing up the online retailing and shopping experience while flexibly guaranteeing reliable product releases and avoiding undesirable product call-backs.


Experience More while Spending Less

Whether you’re a designer searching for a new way to extend your 3D capabilities or a consumer who’s determined to make a well-informed buying decision, Iray+ offers an abundance of benefits from product design through marketing collateral to sales solutions.

With the spread of online marketplaces and rapid dropship services, judging how an item – purchased virtually or ordered in advance – will look; whether it’s a décor element, something as delicate as jewellery or consumables can be a challenging task. Representing your product interactively through a uniform CAD solution or by immersing your target audience into virtual reality experiences, which require no deep understanding of render settings, can easily take you ahead of the curve in terms of sales and recognition.


3D renders allow for infinite viewing angles and customisable products – featuring complex textures as well as functionality and reliability – enhancing the consumer experience preliminary to manufacturing or selling an item



Product turntables, animations and interactive sales configuration can shed light on essential design choices; leading to better material and component selection as with Iray+ you can seamlessly exchange and easily export your assets and materials, helping you to flawlessly retain the appearance of your merchandise at all stages of your workflow. 


Make a Game-Changing Step

The more intuitive the applications your teams and customers are using the more creative and lucrative your projects and product mix will become; impacting on brand loyalty and how your products will perform throughout advertising and e-commerce.

Covering all areas of visualisation, we bring photorealistic and highly engaging design features to CAD software used by multiple industries and millions of users. We combine integration services with highly customised in-house solutions and our understanding of the newest design practices so that we can provide sectors such as architecture, the automotive industry and many more with applications and solutions they really need.

If you’re interested in having our cutting-edge Iray+ rendering technology integrated into your existing workflow to streamline your existing technology or develop a bespoke design applications to create striking visuals, drive traffic to your online store and better resonate with your customers; give the free version of the Iray plugin a try and get in contact with our team to learn more about the technology.

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