Posted on 28/02/2014

Designers can choose from a raft of visualisation solutions integrated or connected to their primary design applications. The downside to most of these solutions is that they require the designer to learn how to use either a visualisation plug-in or a separate package. Very few of these solutions extend beyond the creation package itself, meaning most consumer-based, high quality visualisation experiences need to be pre-generated image sequences (created as part of the authoring stage). This makes the creation and update of these systems costly.

The growth in customised manufacturing means that it is impossible to stock all of possible configurations of many products. In addition, the ability to select your own colours, textures and materials, rather than a fixed palette means for many products it is impossible to generate enough images to power a high quality visualisation experience.

Given this, the next natural stage is for visualisation to be built in alongside the configuration management system;  producing visualisations on demand from consumers selections. This is where dependable, consistent, physically based results are a must;  presenting  the product accurately to consumers to avoid disappointment and returns as well as any negative brand associations.

Now with our technology [Lightworks Iray®+] we can help you to add photorealistic visualisation directly into your own sales experience to produce photographic quality imagery and interactive experiences. Drive more sales from your website, improve dealer appointments and increase in-store sales conversions by complementing your existing sales processes with great visuals that evoke real emotion to your customers.

The future looks bright for the consumer buying experience and we're looking forward to helping our customers break new ground in their visual experience offerings.

Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation

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