Posted on 21/03/2014

GTC, three letters that are getting to be well known in the computer graphics world. The GPU Technology Conference (or GTC to you and I), is an annual event put on by NVIDIA in their home town of San Jose. Based on the success of their 2013 conference and the quality of attendees and speakers it attracted it's not far from being NVIDIA's own Siggraph.

One of the highlights of the show is the keynote speech from NVIDIA's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang where  current products from NVIDIA ,and their partners, are shown in all their glory. It gets even more interesting  when Jen-Hsun starts to paint the vision of where NVIDIA technology is heading. Their roadmap really is quite amazing, and based on experience to date, they will succeed in bringing their vision to reality. Exciting times ahead for those of us building products that can utilise the power of the GPU.

Whilst two of us attended GTC last year, 2014 is set to be a much bigger proposition for Lightworks. As well as showing our latest and greatest products and applications on our exhibition stand (#911 for those attending) we are also giving two presentations -  'Quickly Adding Photographic Quality Ray Tracing to Your Application'  and  ' Increase Traffic and Revenues: Lightworks Iray®+ Photorealistic Interactive 3D-Online, In-Store POS Digital Configurators'  not to mention involvement with a panel discussion on the developments in PLM.

The attendees last year were many and varied, covering  a diverse set of industries and roles -  engineers, artists, marketers and academics. With the new products we're bringing to market [built on our Iray+ products] we know we have something of interest for everyone and we're all really excited to be heading over to San Jose to share them with you!

See you there.


Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation

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