Posted on 30/03/2014

NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) last week played host to thousands of the key players in the hardware and software industries. Five members of the Lightworks team travelled to San Jose to be part of the action and show Iray®+ to the industry audience for the first time.

As this was our first exhibition fully demoing Iray+ we were keen to show off how we have made NVIDIA’s world-leading Iray technology more accessible to businesses worldwide. Our stand showed how Iray+ offers a consistent interactive 3D product experience from design through to point-of-sale. We displayed three different demonstrations of our Iray+ solutions; Our Iray+ 3D Studio Max Plug-In demo, our configurator showcasing Iray+ cloud-rendering capabilities, as well as the Iray+ Viewer. The Iray+ Viewer demo is based on our Artisan product with a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that is powered by Iray+ to create impressive results. We were pleased with the praise all of our demos received, with the Iray+ Viewer and 3D Studio Max plug-in being particularly popular with the NVIDIA team and attendees alike.

David Forrester, Lightworks CEO, attended the event and commented; ‘GTC provided us with a great opportunity to present Iray+ to the NVIDIA team utilising the full power of their high-end GPUs. It was great to receive positive feedback on the quality and interactivity of the Iray+ demos that we had on display and we’re excited about the opportunities that our 3D Studio Max plug-in will bring later this year.’

Alongside our demos on the exhibition stand, we also took part in three speaker sessions. Dave Coldron sat on a discussion panel “PLM 2020: Redesigning the design process for virtual first generation.” He and Ben Widdowson presented “Increase traffic and revenues: Lightworks Iray+ photorealistic interactive 3D-online, in-store POS digital configurators” and Dave Hutchinson presented “Quickly adding photographic quality ray tracing to your application.” All of the talks were very well received and will be available to watch later in the year.

Our team also enjoyed attending the keynote speeches. We particularly enjoyed the opening day keynote by NVIDIA CEO and Co-Founder, Jen-Hsun Huang. In his speech he spoke about the incredible results the combination of hardware and software can produce, creating visualisations indistinguishable from photos. This potential is realised in NVIDIA’s latest development Iray VCA (Visual Computing Appliance) which delivers unprecedented rendering performance using eight of NVIDIA's most powerful GPUs, each with 12GB of graphics memory, which together deliver 23,040 CUDA cores. To find out more about Iray VCA read the full NVIDIA press release.

A highlight of the show for our team came on the final day when we were able to connect our demo to the NVIDIA cluster in Santa Clara. This gave us full access to 19 ‘nodes’, each with 8 K6000 GPUs.  This equates to around $1m of technology, and we were all impressed by the incredible results which allowed our demo to produce interactive photorealistic quality visuals with next to no noise.

Overall it was a very busy, but successful week for the Lightworks team; we enjoyed showing our Iray+ technology to the attendees and we met a lot of interesting people that we look forward to keeping in touch with.

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Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation

Iray+ Is A Hit At NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2014
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