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Posted on 26/04/2014

I've recently returned from presenting at Develop3D Live - an annual conference held at the University of Warwick in the UK. My talk was in the rendering and visualisation stream and was all about the blurring of rendering (CG images) and reality (photos).  I wanted to give the 200 strong audience - engineers, designers, students, architects and academics -  a high level overview of what developments are being made in our industry. Nothing too technical! So I ran a quiz to see if people could tell whether an image was a photo or a render; very light-hearted but quite an effective way to show how difficult it is to tell with current graphics performance what is real and what is CG.

Having shown a number of still images, I moved onto some of our videos that capture real time ray-traced environments. This remains the 'holy grail' of CG in our industry, but with the advancements in software rendering algorithms and hardware, in the form of GPUs, we are moving ever closer to being able to provide this.

The show also allowed us to highlight the 3ds Max plug-in we're currently working on. Based on the number of people that came to our exhibition stand to find out more, the sooner we can get this released the better!

Once again the team at DEVELOP3D managed to put on a great show, and I for one am already looking forward to next year's event.

DEVELOP3D Live - real or not real
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