Posted on 23/04/2015

A big thank you is in order for the team at Jewellery Focus, particularly their editor Michael Northcott, for promoting the developments in EPOS  (Electronic Point of Sale) and its benefit to businesses in the jewellery sector.

As mentioned in the article 'Technology: Digital Marketing and EPOS' (April 2015) EPOS has developed exponentially over the last 25 years to cover all areas of the sales process and customer experience. It now brings automated payments, stock-control and accounting together with pre-manufacture visualisation and interactive applications for customer engagement.

The article also focuses on the need for bricks-and-mortar retail to engage with new EPOS technologies, and consumer trends, and not presume they are the preserve of their online retail counterparts; symmetry across all sales channels and a joined-up approach to messaging and visuals can only help engage customers and develop brand loyalty.

To read the full feature, please visit the Jewellery Focus website; please note the e-version is behind a registration page.

EPOS in the spotlight; thanks to Jewellery focus
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