Posted on 15/10/2013

Our Innovation. Your Imagination. Iray+

Iray®+ is here. We’re now ready to integrate our innovative, physically accurate visualisation technology Iray+, providing businesses worldwide with their most efficient design workflow yet.

Lightwork Design (Lightworks) test the limits of the latest ray-tracing technology with Iray+; we’ve developed NVIDIA’s Iray technology, to bring businesses requiring photographic quality visualisation, an integrated solution with the most streamlined route to market ever. We’re established leaders in software integration services; we will work closely with companies to build custom Iray+ integrations quickly. We supply as much help as required, whether we’re working alongside development teams and product managers, creating custom materials and lighting rigs, or generating a complete turnkey solution. 

Phillip Miller from NVIDIA Advanced Rendering says; “We are very pleased to be working closely with Lightworks to greatly broaden the adoption of Iray. Lightworks has a superb reputation in servicing a wide range of companies with bespoke rendering solutions, and we trust them to bring the best of our exceptional Iray technology to such products. Going forward, we are confident that our relationship with Lightworks will be prosperous and we look forward to the successful broad adoption of their Iray+ solution, which makes our Iray technology all the easier to adopt.”

We’re extremely excited to be launching our exceptional innovation Iray+ and are eager to begin talking to businesses to determine how we can provide them with the best visualisation toolkit on the market.

Dave Hutchinson, COO at Lightworks comments; 'Our Iray+ solution, coupled with NVIDIA Iray technology, makes enabling interactive photographic quality visualisation within applications and mobile based workflows really easy. Now anyone can embed the highest quality rendering right where they want it, without the need to round-trip into 3rd party applications; I'm very excited about this launch.'

For more technical details on how Iray+ provides the highest quality visualisation read on:

Photographic Quality Rendering

Physically based rendering is taken to the next level in Iray+ allowing you to create perfect prototypes in real-time. Equip your sales team with the best visuals possible using Iray+.

Create customised, efficient workflows with Iray+

Using Iray+ we can help you quickly create a customised workflow; avoid the need to use external visualisation applications by integrating Iray+ into your design pipeline. You are now able to automate processes within your workflow, saving you valuable time and money.

Cutting-Edge Material Technology

Iray+ sets the standard for material definition, with a large and expanding material library with complex layered materials and caustic effects presented through an intuitive and flexible interface. Iray+ enables consistent material representation throughout your full, cross-departmental workflow.

Flexible, Scalable

Iray+ was created with you in mind; with the ability to create custom workflows, and components specific to your visualisation needs. Iray+ is an infinitely scalable application and when teamed with hardware can be scaled to meet even the most stringent design demands.

We’re eager to hear from anyone that is interested in Iray+, and from companies that require the best visualisation tools available, so please get in touch.

Call us on (+44) 0114 266 8404


Iray+ brought to you by Lightworks in partnership with NVIDIA. 

Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation

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