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Posted on 13/10/2015

For the second year in a row Lightworks is sponsoring Retail Jewellers' Inspiring Independents' event, which celebrates the creative and financial contribution that independent jewellers make to the UK jewellery industry, and wider economy as a whole.

Held in London, on the 22nd October, the Inspiring Independents' awards evening brings together nominees, trade associations, suppliers and sponsors for an evening of celebrations. This really is an industry driven event, with the top 50 companies whittled down from the 100-plus nominations received through the Retail Jeweller online form.  The top three, in a change from previous years, have been chosen by a panel of industry experts, and will be announced on the night.  Winners can be chosen for their great customer service, their ability to find and champion new brands, or for creating innovative marketing campaigns or in-store experiences. I'm looking forward to finding out about all the exciting new brands and customer engagement initiatives that the nominees have been  trialling over the past year; I'll let you know what I find out.

As well as being a really fun event, it also highlights the hard work of independent companies, which is often be overshadowed  by big multinational brands. At Lightworks, we're always happy to support small companies and provide services that fit their needs; this is also why we support this event.

Fingers crossed for all those who have been nominated and I'll see you next Thursday.

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