Posted on 27/10/2015

Lightworks as a Siemens Solutions Partner worked on an exciting project for Eclipse Aerospace (part of the One Aviation Group) at the request of Siemens. We brought our rendering know-how and creative team to the task in hand: putting a render of the Eclipse 550 light jet onto the outsideof the aircraft, or at least a full-size wrap on a one-to-one scale model. Wrapping a full-scale render around a twin-engine jet isn't what we usually do so we were really excited to be involved. 

We worked with Eclipse Aerospace to extend and enhance the photorealistic visuals created using their NX models; our rendering technology is integrated in Siemens NX Product Design so as well as having the creative know-how we also understood the capabilities of the technology.

Our aim was to make sure that the final wraps combined the photorealism available in NX, which accurately depicts physically based materials and lighting in real world in environments, with  styling and details similar to those found in technical drawings. This style of visualisation was used predominantly for the internal electrical and engineering components, which are normally hidden from view. We used a range of effects and techniques to highlight individual features making it easier to distinguish specific components in this complex aircraft. 

The model of the Eclipse 550 was unveiled at EAA Airventure Oshkosh in July 2015.

"One Aviation engaged Lightworks to help with a marketing project for the Eclipse 550 jet. The project applied novel concepts on a large-scale under a compressed schedule. The Lightworks' team envisioned and understood what One Aviation needed as an end product, even in times when it was difficult for us to articulate it. With astonishingly little gyration, the project came to fruition and exceeded expectations - smiles abound! It was a pleasure working with such a collaborative, professional, responsive and fun set of folks at Lightworks. I recommend the team at Lightworks with confidence."

Ryan Jennings
Director -MRB Tool & Liaison Engineering
One Aviation

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