Posted on 01/02/2016

Today [1st February 2016] we launched our two new visualisation communities. Designed to bring together professionals with an interest in visualisation and configuration these two groups - 3D Technologies for Marketing and Sales and 3D Visualisation and Configuration for Design and Manufacturing - will be hosted on LinkedIn and open to anyone with an interest, or experience, in these areas.

3D technologies, visualisation and configuration are expansive, complex and ever evolving areas; in creating these communities we are providing a forum for like-minded individuals to share news and opinions on the latest technology, business and sector developments. Open to anyone that has responsibility for the sales, marketing, design or manufacture within their organisation  and has an interest in how visualisation technologies can streamline the design review process and enhance the customer experience.

The 3D Technologies in Sales and Marketing community is ideal for senior level marketing, sales, customer experience and customer engagement professionals who want to develop their collateral, touch-points and processes using interactive, configurable  and 3D content and applications. The 3D Visualisation and Configuration for Design and Manufacturing community is an ideal knowledge sharing and discussion forum for senior design, visualisation, R&D and technology adoption professionals that have responsibility for streamlining their design process, adopting new technologies and enhancing visualisation quality and output. These communities will cover all areas of visualisation with a heavy focus on the evolving role of configuration applications.

As a company that covers all areas of visualisation - integration, bespoke application development, configurator builds and creative visualisation services - it's our aim to be at the forefront of visualisation technology development and adoption. Bringing new features, applications and solutions to multiple industries and disciplines, we're keen to engage with leading professionals to  gain a better understanding of user aims and requirements. To help companies engage with visualisation we must engage with those that commission, integrate and use visualisation technology on a daily basis.

To join either, or both of the communities, please click the links below (you'll need to sign into LinkedIn).

3D Technologies for Marketing and Sales


3D Visualisation and Configuration for Design and Manufacturing.

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