Posted on 24/03/2016

As the experience economy slowly but effectively pervades almost every aspect of our lives, the future of marketers and their offerings crucially depend on how progressively they can adapt to new technologies, promotional platforms and shifting consumer preferences.

That’s why at Lightworks we are highly dedicated to creating comprehensive business solutions for our clients so that they can provide truly engaging and memorable customer experiences with the ability to cut through the social noise, speed up the buying cycle and deepen the brand relationship.

With the introduction of our highly intuitive 3D product configurator we strive to support businesses with various product ranges and ever-increasing product variations; enabling customers to compare and customise their offerings in a flexible and interactive manner.

Streamline your workflows through the use of physically plausible materials and environments, all of which truly reflect real-world behaviours, while reducing costs, saving time and bridging the gap between departments and disciplines; thus providing an immersive point-of-sale customer experience across a wide variety of platforms.

Our clients rely on our long-established industry expertise combined with our profound understanding of contemporary design practices that help us realise creative projects for distinct sectors.Our photorealistic rendering engine, Iray®+ features real-time feedback, interactive editing and unprecedented speed through the option of leveraging the parallel processing power of multiple NVIDIA GPUs, even on the cloud without compromising on the amount of detail in each design.

We aim to adapt our technology to forge and maintain an enduring relationship between your brand and customers by delivering stunning and affordable market-focused solutions and a uniform user experience from product design to marketing at the point-of-sale or your company website.

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