Posted on 29/03/2016


After touching down in Silicon Valley, the team from Lightworks has kicked off a three-day showcase of our services and technology, as this year’s prestigious GPU Technology Conference gets underway.

Based at stand 811 from 5-7 April, the team will be demonstrating the capabilities of our powerful 3D rendering technology, Iray+®, focusing on its ability to create truly interactive, flexible and engaging point-of-sale configurators.

And, to bring the technology to life, we’ll be hosting two configurator demos, giving visitors to our stand the chance to experience Iray+ for themselves.

Using NVIDIA technology, the Iray+ SDK (software development kit) enables us to take configurators to the next level of reality, building and adapting real-world materials that act and appear the same way they’re manufactured or found in nature.

Its photorealistic rendering capabilities then bring these materials to life, creating high-quality and immersive 3D visuals that match the quality of your marketing images and allow customers to interact with your product – on the web, mobile or within the showroom environment.

Dave Forrester, Managing Director of Lightworks, said: “We’re thrilled to be here, back at GTC 2016. It’s a really important event in our conferencing calendar, not only because of the size and scale of the event, but because it’s presented by our partners NVIDIA, whose Iray technology sits at the heart of our products and SDK.

“Now the event’s underway, we’re really looking forward to meeting other likeminded technology companies and demonstrating to attendees the impressive capabilities of Iray+.”

Our demos

Throughout GTC2016, our team will be showcasing the point-of-sale capabilities of Iray+, with two interactive demonstrations– an interactive, web-based proof of concept configurator designed for an aftermarket wheels company, and a pre-rendered configurator using a Nike trainer.

The demos are running daily on or stand (811), the web-based proof of concept configurator demonstrates a complex, bespoke build that renders to the cloud and caches the customers’ design combinations, allowing them the ability to view multiple options and switch wheels, tyres and car types quickly, without the need to pre-render images.

Our Nike configurator, shows how pre-rendered images can be used to create an engaging customer application, ideal for when the product range isn’t too large and is unlikely to change often.

Visitors to our stand will be able to try their hand at both configurators, customising designs by switching between material colours, properties and design features to experience the Iray+ technology first-hand and in real time.

Once again, we’re proud to be partnering with the team at BOXX Technologies (BOXX) for GTC2016, using two APEXX 4 machines, both with two K6000 NVIDIA GPUs, to bring our technology to life.


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