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Posted on 22/05/2016

By honouring our continued commitment to support a local or national charity each year, three fearless (yet light-hearted) Lightworks’ employees announced their bold move to run a day-long endurance relay event called Endure24 to let people know who we are and what we stand for.

“We’re doing this challenging task to raise money for the Cathedral Archer Project (CAP) – helping support the homeless here in Sheffield with food, activities and a chance to find housing and employment. By talking to some of the people the Project helps you can see all too easily how individuals end up being homeless; much too often having no control over the complex circumstances that led them there. Having supported them over the last couple of years, we are keen to continue to help them out.” – claims our CEO, David Forrester, who will also form part of the three-member team, called RunWorks, which set out for this noble fundraising cause.

The race – that will entail 40-50 miles individually – will be based at Wasing Park, roughly 12 miles from Reading, on the weekend of June 11-12th. We highly appreciate donations of all sizes and encourage everyone to get involved with the Sheffield-based charity, which is an excellent way to give back to the local community and make Sheffield a warmer place for all.

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