Built to Streamline Your Workflows: Explore Iray+® and its Benefits for BIM and Architectural Design Visualisation

Posted on 08/02/2017

What’s common in Building Information Modeling and 3D Architectural Visualisation? In both fields, there should be no compromise over quality and detail. Luckily, Iray+ is capable of bringing carefully nuanced photorealism, lifelike and exchangeable virtual materials and complex lighting scenarios to your CAD or BIM for a better engagement.

Designing and engineering a building that appeals to the eye yet also comforms with its environment can often be a tall order for architectural agencies around the world. Fortunately, the role of 2D sketches and overcomplicated floor plans is increasingly being reimagined with the permeation of 3D GPU rendering technology in the architectural, engineering and construction industries.



Construct Your Own Reality

One of the countless expectations levied towards new buildings and infrastructures is that they should blend with their surroundings. Similarly, at Lightworks we believe that your design workflow has to be closely integrated with the data you capture and how you represent it when it comes to 3D visualisation and selling your ideas to stakeholders.

Whether you’re an architectural agency looking for interactive, exterior rendering solutions, a construction management platform interested in cutting-edge animated content or you seek custom application development to streamline a scheduling and project management platform we provide a range of immersive and highly customised projects and image creation services.

If you need to deal with a wealth of visual and technical information – and perhaps you’re already taking into consideration an update to your BIM and 3D visualisation software as well as exciting auxiliary developments – you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ll introduce ray-traced 3D models and stunning visual features to your workflow and help you eliminate the need for multiple, time consuming test renders, paper-based sketches, sections and elevations or costly prototypes.




Delve Into Detail and Interactivity

Lighting calculations are an invaluable element of any architectural design project. Iray+ not only boasts excellent, ready-to-use lighting features to bring a new level of realism and accuracy to the architectural design process, but it’s known for its uniform user experience paired with constant visual feedback and rapid, quality results.

You’ll be able to use advanced, real time design visualisation as well as final-frame rendering to create accurate and scalable 3D experiences and striking visuals for your projects and brand. Complex lighting simulations allow for real-world lighting measurements to be taken within your software of preference, while the irradiance mode combined with physically-based materials, environments and lighting lets Iray+ accurately predict the visual appearance and the performance of your design at different times of the day, under various lighting conditions.

To bring out the best from your software and design skills – concurrently saving money and time – the Iray+ interactive design review enables you to get real-time feedback on changes including geometry, materials and lighting; allowing for faster decision making and a way to better resonate with clients at the end of the day. Architects and designers can experiment with different exterior and interior lighting scenarios enabling rapid, real-time feedback on the changes being made.

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Remodel Your Business Plan

Apart from the importance of exploring various lighting options that can be critical to any architectural design or construction project, Iray+ in combination with BIM can help you better plan, validate, optimise and track projects, resources and activities in a highly accurate visual environment.

You’ll be able to synchronise real-time or pre-rendered 3D visualisation with integrated scheduling as well as project and risk management in order to improve the quality of your corporate output while enhancing delivery, safety, productivity and efficiency throughout all categories of construction and architectural projects.


Build an Efficient Collaboration

Relying on BIM and its multifaceted features can become essential as deadlines approach. Building Information Modelling helps eliminate the barriers between planners and construction teams, allowing users to resolve conflicts in a flexible way, enabling teams to deliver projects on schedule and budget regardless of complexity, while minimising risk and streamlining the overall workflow.

Our straightforward visual approach can help your teams intuitively review and mark-up necessary steps throughout the entire design process; ensuring that all members can track their contribution to the creative process while receiving feedback on their input. Consequently our solution enables clients to evaluate project approaches, through high-resolution fly-throughs and interactive floor plans, to carry out concise decisions from concept to finish.


Lay the Foundations for Your Business’ Future

We adapt our world-leading technology, applications, product configurators and creative services to highly specific needs and strive to continually integrate Iray into a range of CAD such as Sketchup, 3ds Max and a range of Autodesk software to widen your architectural toolkit.

Our successful collaboration with Synchro and the integration of Iray’s rapid, interactive rendering engine into their 4D BIM/VDC software, Synchro PRO, marks a fundamental upgrade that has major significance in their ability to drive down costs, reduce delays, better manage material deliveries, aid virtual project delivery and discover possible constraints that rear their head throughout projects; thus making the pre-planning and construction phase more resilient and smooth.

Lightworks is dedicated to bring the best technology and services to your business; may that be easily accessible cloud services that enable a seamless workflow from your virtual modelling software to a collaborative environment, virtual and augmented reality capabilities to improve your engagement with your customers and help you design with full immersion or stunning, customisable asset configurators running on multiple platforms whether it’s your desktop PC, an Apple laptop or a touch screen device.


You are Home With Us

The landscape of BIM, computer aided design and visualisation tools is rapidly transforming with an ever-increasing number of companies being able to adapt their workflows, construction processes and design mentality to new technological trends. Those that succeed, will definitely realise an added value in terms of their operation and design tasks; by embracing all things virtual and using their data to improve real-world outputs.

It’s easy to see that 3D visualisation technology and digital imagery have taken a key position in modern architectural design and the construction industry while we can clearly observe high quality graphics leading to enhanced simulations, competent training and better organisation performance.

If you’d like to try out the Iray+ SDK visit http://www.lightworks-iray.com, or to find out more about what we can offer regarding architectural design visit our creative services site here. For any more information on Lightworks or Iray+ contact one of our team members at iray@lightworkdesign.com.

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