Posted on 10/06/2013

Siemens PLM World is an annual event organised by the Siemens PLM user group (rather than the company itself) and as I write this it is just coming to a close.  I attended for the first time last year (when it was held in the bright lights of Vegas) and thought it was an excellent immersion into the world of high end PLM, and as such I decided to make my way to Dallas for this year's event. 

There was quite a combination of things going on: Siemens staff giving presentations on what is coming in their new releases of NX, TeamCenter and SolidEdge; sessions from key users describing particular uses of the Siemens products; and training sessions to expand people’s knowledge.  There was also an exhibition that ran for the first couple of days – a combination of add-on products, integration providers, and hardware that can add value to the PLM proposition.

From my perspective it was fantastic to see the presentations in the main ballroom showing the Lightworks integration in the latest NX9.0 release.  Due to be released in the Fall (I’ve been in the US for too long!) this new version of their high end CAD system contains some cool Lightworks rendering technology.  Although there are no major rendering changes this time it was also good to be privy to the new SolidEdge release (ST6) which will be formally announced at SolidEdge University later in the month.  Certainly the SE business seems to be going places and taking full advantage of the confused messages coming out of SolidWorks.

One of the most exciting things that Siemens were able to talk about across the week was the Mars Rover project where NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory used a number of different Siemens PLM tools to help in the design of this amazing project.  Although space travel isn’t something I'm normally that interested in, you couldn’t help but be amazed by what the engineers working on this project had managed to achieve.  Awesome is the rather American word to describe it I think ...

The overall impression I have had from both PLM World events I’ve been to is just what an amazingly complex and powerful set of PLM tools Siemens offers.  So many huge organisations are completely reliant on the products to control their product manufacturing – they put huge faith in the software, and it’s fair to say it seems to deliver.

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