Lightworks revolutionise the way you see your products; we build custom solutions for businesses that need photorealistic 3D visuals from design, through to the point-of-sale.  

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How our technology can work for you

At Lightworks we understand the daily challenges your business faces in creating consistent, photorealistic visuals throughout your product development and sales processes.

That’s why we developed Iray+.

Now your business can benefit from the highest-quality digital image creation, wherever, and whenever you need it; from design workflow applications, POS configurators or digital content creation applications, we can create the solution for you. No matter what industry, from automotive to product design, we’ll work with you to adapt our flexible Iray+ technology to suit your needs.

If your business uses a multitude of applications across departments you’ll know it’s often a struggle to achieve consistent materials, image style and quality. Iray+ solves this problem, by enabling you to build digital asset libraries of real-world materials and lighting settings for use across all departments and applications. Synchronise all of your digital image creation processes to save your business considerable time and money, whilst producing the most impressive results.

If your marketing and sales images are limited by your reliance upon expensive and time-consuming product photo-shoots then Iray+ is the solution for you. No-one will question if it’s real or a render; Iray+ produces photographic quality images. And because Iray+ is a scalable solution it can produce interactive photorealistic visuals instantly, ideal for use in product configuration and for the showcasing of concepts throughout the design process.

So whatever you’re designing, from automotive, to jewellery, we can tailor a custom Iray+ solution for your businesses visualisation needs. Get in touch with us for more information and to find out how we can work together to give your business that leading-edge.

Our Target <strong>Market</strong>

Our Target Market

Our Target <strong>Market</strong>

Whatever market your business is in, Iray+ can be adapted by our experienced team to provide you with physically accurate photorealistic visualisation for your entire product experience. Built upon NVIDIA's world-leading Iray ray tracing technology, and teamed with our extensive knowledge of developing component technology, Iray+ enables you to access high quality visualisation within your workflow or application, no matter what your design demands.

We’ll work with you, tailoring each project to your specific business needs. Whether we’re working alongside your teams designing a complete turn-key solution, developing custom materials, paints and lighting, creating custom configurators or automating your workflow; Iray+ is flexible and powerful, ideal for any application or workflow both on and offline.

Contact us to find out more about Iray+ and how we can work with you to build your bespoke Iray+ solution.

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