Join us at Develop3D Live 2018 in Warwick on the 20th of March and find us at GTC 2018 (booth number 826 and 807 in the VR village) between the 26th and 29th March to learn more about our latest immersive technology called SLIPSTREAM

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Lightworks offer a range of configurator solutions that allow you to create interactive, interchangeable visuals for your products from initial design to the point-of-sale.



We bring your designs to life by allowing users to intuitively interact with your product offerings and alter specific product components through fully-featured customisation options.

Our configurators and custom-built applications range from fully interactive – rendering in real-time on the cloud – to pre-rendered versions, where high-quality 3D images can be easily switched and composed to a combination of the two. You’ll be able to streamline your workflows from design to the point-of-sale and better engage your target audience.

We tailor every project to meet each customers' specification, the unifying factor is that they all benefit from beautiful, real-world materials and environments found in our highly innovative rendering technology, Iray+; which truly represents metals, leathers, glass, plastics and their complex behaviours. Find out how our Iray+ configurators can be used throughout the design and sales flow.

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