First class visualisation changes aerospace design and customer engagement.

In an industry where precise detail and a luxury finish are key Lightworks brings world-class software and decades of expertise to match this. Lightworks create custom software solutions to meet your exact business requirements, whether that be in the design and manufacture of your product or when you come to engage your customers in the sales process.

"One Aviation engaged Lightworks to help with a marketing project for the Eclipse 550 jet. The project applied novel concepts on a large-scale under a compressed schedule. The Lightworks' team envisioned and understood what One Aviation needed as an end product, even in times when it was difficult for us to articulate it. With astonishingly little gyration, the project came to fruition and exceeded expectations - smiles abound! It was a pleasure working with such a collaborative, professional, responsive and fun set of folks at Lightworks. I recommend the team at Lightworks with confidence."- Ryan Jennings, Director -MRB Tool & Liaison Engineering, One AviationQuotation Marks

Using our Iray+ SDK, we build design applications, configurators and integrate the technology into existing workflows. Using this technology means that we can make sure that your aerospace product is truly represented as it combines photorealistic physically based materials and environments – that look and react as they would in the real-world – lighting simulation options and range of scalable render modes that mean you can switch between interactive and longer render times depending on your requirements.

If you’re asking how your customers can have a seamless purchasing and customisation experience that effectively shows the quality and flexibility of your product then a Lightworks configurator is the answer. No matter whether you manufacture very light jets, luxury jets or commercial aircraft for major airlines we can give you the right configurable applications to streamline the process through design, customisation and manufacture.

If you want to enhance your existing PLM process, improve a design application with interactive photorealistic rendering or start from scratch with a creative visualisation project or configurator build then we can help you achieve this.

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