How does SLIPSTREAM work?

SLIPSTREAM is the cutting-edge next step in changing the design review landscape for automotive and aerospace companies through immersive VR and desktop applications.

1. Standard CAD Input(s)

SLIPSTREAM accepts your source 3D design data in all of its complexities, including industry standard tools such as Catia, Siemens NX, Creo and Alias.

2. Automated Data Preparation

Your 3D design data will be automatically optimised for use in game engines such as Unreal and Unity.

3. Stunning Design Review Application

Automatically load your complex 3D design data into state-of-the-art VR design review applications with SLIPSTREAM. This new intuitive workflow allows you to collaborate in a multiplayer environment with fellow team-members anywhere in the world.

SLIPSTREAM will bring your ideas to life, thanks to its innovative range of design review processes. Working with our expert team will allow you to setup your own personalised environments, allowing you to see your designs in familiar settings.

Who is SLIPSTREAM for?

SLIPSTREAM is for automotive and aerospace design teams who need to spend less time on manual data preparation for design reviews.

About Us

SLIPSTREAM is developed by Lightworks who are specialists in 3D visualisation. We have over 25 years of experience in software development, integration, configurators and creating high quality VR experiences. Our passionate multi-disciplinary team can customise how SLIPSTREAM processes your data to suit your company’s workflow.

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