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Our visit to Develop3D Live in March with SLIPSTREAM gave us the opportunity to talk to lots of people about the kinds of challenges automotive design teams face. The problem however is that design teams live in a world where there is continuous change - think of the impact Virtual Reality is having and how it is changing development processes for automotive design teams.

So, based on conversations we had at Develop3D Live (and over previous years), here are the most pressing challenges currently facing designers and design managers alike:

  1. We need to reduce the time designers spend on manual data preparation for design reviews.
  2. We need software that can handle large data sets smoothly
  3. We need to iterate faster and increase design velocity.
  4. Design teams need to be able to evaluate more design themes
  5. Teams need to be able to confidently sign off a design theme in VR
  6. Design reviews need to happen daily, rather than weekly or monthly.
  7. Being seen as a technology leader in their respective industry would be great.

Taking number one as an example, automotive design teams can spend up to a day a week on data preparation for design reviews for a typical two year production cycle. There will always be a need to prepare this data, but design teams recognise that there needs to be more efficient ways of preparing datasets ready for design reviews. These efficiencies come in the form of saved labour costs, but more importantly the ability to spend more time on design reviews through a typical production cycle and less time preparing complex datasets.

We’ve focussed on developing an easy to use dashboard that automatically completes the complex tasks behind your production cycle. Whether your designs involve the need for tessellation and decimation control (or any other nodes), SLIPSTREAM’s intuitive UI will give you stunning real-time outputs ready for design review with your colleagues.

To find out more information, take a look at our sales consultant Ben Widdowson, talking through SLIPSTREAM and its capabilities in greater detail during this years Develop3D Live event. Ben has been involved in the strategic development and direction of SLIPSTREAM over the past year, whilst having several conversations with design teams around Europe and North America.

If you would like to know more about SLIPSTREAM, require more information or have additional questions, find out how it works here or get in touch with a member of the team today.

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