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Last week saw the Lightwork Design team (now part of Siemens PLM software) attend the Unreal Build: Munich 2018 event, held at the impressive Kesselhaus on the outskirts of the city. The event brought together multiple automotive OEMs to discuss projects, concepts and ideas that they are working on in Unreal Engine.

We were there as part of a collaboration with Hackrod to demo their concept speedster 'La Bandita' in Virtual Reality, taking complex 3D CAD data and processing it through SLIPSTREAMs automated data prep pipeline. With the ability to customize materials, alloys and chassis' for 'La Bandita', SLIPSTREAM is empowering Hackrods’ consumers to design their dream car on demand.

For more information, take a look at our official press release detailing our collaboration with Hackrod.

It wasn’t just the Lightwork Design team who are creating compelling projects within Unreal Engine. Epic themselves kicked off the day with their Speed of Light demo for the Porsche 911 Speedster concept; an astonishing presentation showing how far we have come in ray-tracing technology.

Other notable attendees included Audi, who shared their virtual experience of preparing geometry within their pipeline to create unique consumer experiences. There was also a major focus on the use of Unreal Engine for Media and Entertainment usage, particularly for extreme weather conditions. The attendees got a glimpse of how news outlets like The Weather Channel are implementing Unreal Engine technology to show the dangers of potentially life-threatening storms.
 In addition, BMW showcased how they are using Unreal Engine to map out a floor plan for Mini, allowing the user to move storage equipment before committing to build the space. An impressive element to point out; the user didn't need to be a master in coding. The experience is designed for anyone to pick up and play!

Jaguar discussed their immersive car showroom experience, giving users the opportunity to interact with a Jaguar model all through an interactive glass panel. In the expo room, StarVR collaborated with Volkswagen to showcase the new Arteon model in their brand-new headset. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the Unreal Build event in Munich and look forward to the next one!

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