Render Elements

Render Elements

Iray for 3ds Max can render many simultaneous renders elements. These are available for standard Production Rendering, and can also be displayed in ActiveShade mode when using the Iray+ Frame Buffer. These are useful for post-processing and compositing without the need to re-render scenes. They can be found on the Render Setup > Render Elements tab.

For Production Renders, Render Elements are stored alongside your rendered image in the directory set in Render Setup > Common > Render Output. They use the name you have specified in Render Output with the suffix of the render layer name (for example, Myfile01 - Alpha.png). Render Elements can also be saved out from the Iray+ Frame Buffer.

See LPEs if you require more flexibility when creating such extra layers (for example, a purely specular layer).

✱  Note: Render Elements are not yet supported by Remote Rendering.

Standard Render Elements

✱  Note: Diffuse, Specular, Glossy and Emission layers are not available when performing Lighting Analysis.

Distance and Depth

Both Distance and Depth have a finite resolution. If using the infinite Ground plane (Physical Sky or IBL Iray+ light) then the available resolution of the the depth values will be spread over the whole ground plane and so may not give the required results for the main model geometry. Unless viewing a finite portion of the ground plane, it may be best to remove it when rendering these elements.

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